Beer Club

Beer Club

Rock out with our premium beer subscription service

Just call 02 4993 3555 and select option 4 we will help you get the beer you love!

The Hope Brewhouse Beer Club is officially here, that means you can get your favorite beers delivered straight to your door. No hassle and no fuss.

Join the club today and have one of our incredible selections delivered to your door every two months if you go Platinum or three months if you go Gold.

It’s easy, all you have to do is select a case that sounds right for you and choose whether you want it every two or three months.

Straight Case – When too much of a good beer doesn’t exist.
Choose a straight slab of any of our incredible canned brews
– 24 cans total

Easy Drinking – Your afternoon just got cruisier.
You will receive two each of our incredible easy drinking range.

crafty case image

Crafty Case – Some like it Pale, some like it Stout. You like it all.
You will receive one four pack of each of our canned varieties (total 24 cans)

What you can expect from the Hope Brewhouse Beer Club

You get great beer at a discounted price, you also get exclusive access to discounts, special events and priority invitations. Plus we might even throw the odd surprise in your packs as a little way of saying ‘cheers for being a member!’

When you sign up, we also send a case to you right there and then. So you start enjoying your brew sooner. Every case after that will be sent out according to our beer club scheduling.

Don’t worry, you get notified by at least a week in advance that your next case is on it’s way! If you would prefer to drink something different, you can always let us know at least a week prior to dispatch.

All you have to do is call 02 4993 3555 and select option 4 we will help you get regular deliveries of the beer you love, right to your door!