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Update from the Winery

Hope Estate Vineyard Grapes

Hi everyone! As we approach the end of the year we’re getting ready for next vintage…already! Our Hunter vineyards are looking fantastic with bunches about to start accumulating sugar. WA had a very wet winter so growth is vigorous, and fruit looks really promising. In the winery we’ve just racked the 2016 WA barrels and the Cracker and Ripper are going to be pretty damn good. The Ripper (WA Shiraz) is very rich and inky. Look out for that one!

And for all you Cracker fans (and that’s nearly all of our wine club), the much anticipated 2014 Cracker will be released… in a couple of months!! It’s even better than the 2013! With our new team in the cellar and Hunter Vineyards, wine quality has improved exponentially. Don’t take our word for it though. You’ll see…I mean…taste it.


The Hope Estate Cellar Team.