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Hope Distillery is a small batch distiller established in 2020 producing Premium Australian Grain Spirits.

Serve our spirits neat or enjoy with your favourite mixer!

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Our Single Malt Moonshine is produced from 100% malted barley, double distilled in our pot still. Without two full years in oak, our Moonshine is released early but is still showing spiced oak maturation character.

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ALC: 40%

Recommended Garnish: Orange Peel Twist


I've always wanted to make my own Moonshine! Moonshine is the original name for unaged Whiskey distilled illegally at night using moon light...not that I would do anything illegal! I have made my moonshine the same as if I was making a Whiskey, except I haven't aged it in oak for two years. My perception of moonshine was always that is was fire water, but we've had fun making a youthful single malt whiskey style that is drinking great now. It packs a punch, but still shows hints of vanilla and spice from the oak maturation.

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