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Can I bring my own food/drink?

No, Hope Estate is a fully licensed venue and is STRICTLY NO BYO FOOD OR BEVERAGE (including water).


Hope Estate offers hospitality packages, hampers and food & beverage vendors for all events onsite, along with free water refilling stations.


Our vendors have a variety of food offerings and cater to people with special dietary requirements including Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free.


Can I bring an esky?

No. You may bring an empty plastic bottle for water refilling but that’s all.


Are there pass outs?

No, all events are one entry and exit only.


Can I use cash at the bar?

No, Hope Estate is a cashless venue. We accept Visa & Mastercard.


What happens if it rains?

Only in the event of, exceptionally severe weather conditions, which are deemed dangerous and put vendors and patrons at risk will the decision be made postpone the event.


Our events proceed rain or shine. Please come prepared for all conditions. For safety reasons umbrellas are not allowed onsite, we do sell ponchos at our bar and merch tent.


What if I can’t eat anything you offer?

Our food vendors offer a variety of foods and cater to dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Alternatively, you can pre-purchase a picnic hamper prior to the event by calling 1800 777 444.

Is there ACCESSIBLE parking?

Yes, we have a dedicated area for accessible parking onsite.


Can I bring my dog?

The only dogs we allow onsite are authorised assistance dogs. Please ensure you have their certificate ready at the gate to be checked by security.


Is there any shade?

While there are areas of shade, the majority of the amphitheatre is unshaded and at the mercy of mother nature. We recommend that you dress for the weather conditions including sunscreen (not in aerosol form), a hat and sunglasses.


What beers will be available?

A range of our beers will be available at the bar and tasting paddles will be available within the paddle bar located at our cellar door.

How do I get there?

There are several options to get to Hope Estate.



The most efficient way to come to an event at Hope Estate is via BUS. We strongly recommend that everyone catch buses, it's the most efficient way of getting to and from the venue. A number of private coach companies offer transport from various areas.



There is free car parking available on-site at Hope Estate. This is located in greenfield areas on the property with entry via Broke Road. The car parking is managed by professional traffic attendants.


Car parking opens at a designated time for each event. If you arrive early, you will be turned away. To find out the time for your event please refer to the Hope Estate website or the information emailed from your ticketing company close to the event date.


There is disabled parking and some priority parking (offered with some hospitality packages) which is located close to the entrance. Space is limited so please allow enough time to get to the venue to secure a parking space.


Please be aware that that while parking is free and plentiful, the local roads can not cope with the number of cars coming to the event so please expect delays when entering and exiting the event. The car park closes one hour post event and camping overnight is prohibited.



Hope Estate does not recommend walking to the venue, as this is a rural location and there are no designated footpaths and there is minimal lighting only at key intersections otherwise it is very dark at night.


Should you still wish to travel by foot the only entry is via Broke Road.


Is there parking on-site?

Yes, there is ample parking on-site however please be aware that that while parking is free and plentiful, the local roads can not cope with the number of cars coming to the event so please expect delays when entering and exiting the event.


Please refer to Hope Estate website or information sent from ticketing agent just prior to the event for car park opening and closing hours.


Can I line up early?

While we understand some patrons want to be first in, we recommend that you line up only a short while before the advertised gate opening time.


There are no facilities or shade outside the venue and it can get very hot (even in cooler months). The gates will not open early regardless of how long the entry queue is.


Is there ice available or can I bring my own?

No BYO ice can be brought onsite, you can purchase small bags of ice from the main bar to keep your drinks nice and frosty.


Do you have ATMs on-site?

No, Hope Estate is a cashless venue. Should you wish to bring cash for the food vendors please arrange this prior to arriving onsite.


Is there a cloak room or storage area?

No, there is no cloakroom or storage facilities onsite. Please bare this in mind when packing for the event, you will need to carry it all day.


Please also check the prohibited items list prior to coming to ensure those items are left behind otherwise they will be confiscated by security when you arrive.


Can I smoke at the venue?

The vast majority of Hope Estate is non-smoking. You may only smoke at designated smoking areas. These area’s will be determined by the venue. Should you be found to be smoking in prohibited areas you will be asked to put it out. This includes vaping.


The Ultimate Lunch is a strictly no smoking/vaping area.


What happens to lost property?

Any lost property that is found and handed into a Hope Estate staff member is kept in the cellar door. Please be aware some items may also be handed to Security or Police


What ACCESSIBLE facilities do you have?

Accessible parking is available near the main entry gate – via Broke Road. To park in this area vehicles must have a valid disabled parking ticket displayed.


Accessible toilets are available and denoted on the site map.


Please be aware that Hope Estate has undulating hills with large amounts of grassed area so it is recommended to attend with assistance.


As Hope Estate was built in the 1960’s unfortunately the structure of the building does not allow wheelchair access into the hospitality packages on our deck area.


Will there be first aid available?

Yes, first aid officers will be in attendance they can be found inside the site, near the entry gate on Broke Road. Police will also be located at this location. Please refer to event map for exact location.


Will there be security?

Yes, there will be security guards at the gates, inside the venue and at the Hope Estate functions inside the building.


Police will also be in attendance.


Can I bring a chair?

Folding Chairs are permitted at the Big 80s Party concert, for use outside on our lawn area.


Please bare in mind we do not have cloaking facilities so you will need to carry this with you all day should you choose to bring a chair.


Picnic rugs are also permitted.


Are there children’s tickets.

No, the Big 80’s Party is an 18+ only licensed event.


Can I camp on-site?

No, camping is not allowed on-site. There are a number of campsites located in the Hunter Valley you can access.


What should I wear?

Have fun dress in your 80’s best, to your heart's content, but please remember this is mainly an outdoor event and we are at the mercy of mother nature. It is important to dress for the weather conditions on the day. This may include a sun hat, sunscreen (not in aerosol form), warm coat or a waterproof jacket for inclement weather. (Umbrellas are not allowed).


The event area is predominantly grass underfoot so it is advisable to wear comfortable flat shoes, boots should inclement weather be forecasted. Heels and grass don’t go well together.


What time do gates open?

Gates will open at 2pm.


What time does the main act go on stage?

The first act is on stage at 2pm and the final act will finish at 8:30pm. For a full set list please refer to The Big 80’s Party website or Instagram.


Is it an all age event?

No, The Big 80's Party is a 18+ licensed event.


Where is Ultimate Lunch located?

The Ultimate Lunch is located on the top deck of our building. You will enter via the bricked pathway from our carpark and up the bricked stairs at the front of the building.


What time does the Ultimate Lunch start/when should I arrive?

Those attendees with Ultimate tickets will have access to the Ultimate Bar and amenities for the duration of the lunch between 2pm-5pm. Food service will be starting promptly so please arrive on time at 2pm or you may miss out.

Is there a member’s area?

There is no specific members area, but you do receive discounted wine pricing.

Is the event indoors?

No, the event is predominantly outdoors. As we are at the mercy of mother nature, we recommend dressing according to the weather forecast.


Are there seats?

If you purchase a reserved seating ticket there will be a seat reserved for you at shared tables in front of the stage.


For those that have purchased general admission, there will be some picnic tables throughout the venue and you are also welcome to bring a camping chair or picnic rug with you.


Please do remember though there is no cloaking facilities so you will need to carry them with you all day.


Can I bring a bag?

Small to medium bags are permitted but please be prepared to have them searched upon entry by security. Anything deemed too large will not be allowed into the venue as any large objects on the ground are a safety hazard.


Where do I collect my Hamper from?

Once inside the venue, please make your way to the Paddle Bar at the front of the main building.


Once you get to the collection point you will need to show your hope estate issued invoice, ID and chose from a selection of Hope wines.


We have Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay, Hunter Valley red and Hunter Valley white. We recommend you make your selection prior to arrival at the tent to ensure smooth and quick service.


If you ordered a Gluten Free or Vegetarian Hamper please mention this to staff to ensure you have the correct hamper.


Hampers must have been purchased via the HOPE ESTATE website.


What do I need to bring?

- You will need your event ticket to gain entry to the site. For Hope Estate Hospitality packages or hampers, please also bring along a copy of your Hope Estate invoice as well as your Event ticket & ID.

- A chair or picnic rug.

- Jacket or Poncho for inclement weather (umbrellas will not be allowed)

- Sunscreen (not in aerosol form) and a Hat.

- Comfortable shoes suitable for walking around the outdoor grassed venue (remember heels and grass don’t mix!)


What can’t I bring?

- Food & Beverage – Hope Estate is a fully catered venue

- Picnic baskets & eskies

- Professional cameras, audio or video recording devices.

- Umbrellas, tents and sunshades.

- Glass, aluminium & metal containers

- Drinks or drink bottles of any kind (empty clear plastic bottles excepted)

- Illegal or illicit substances of any kind

- Musical instruments or air horns

- Inflatables

- Poles, sticks, banner or oversized flags (more then 1m x 1m)

- Confetti, glitter or shredded paper

- Fireworks, flares or explosives

- Animals (except for authorised assistance dogs)

- Balls, sporting equipment, bicycles, skateboards, skates or scooters

- Any other object which may be used as a missile or weapon

- Any other object the venue considers inappropriate or dangerous.

Note: Any variation to the policy will be at the sole discretion of Hope Estate management.

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